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COMUS® - Le Concentré de Performance


COMUS®, offers a complete range of high-performance technical solutions which respond to all problems - from the most common to the most complex - encountered on paint jobs.

The COMUS® brand has built a strong reputation in the high-tech paint sector, where it has been widely recognised for nearly 70 years, with long-established products such as ANCORPRIM and PATE IDEALE.

In 2014, COMUS® continues to innovate with the launch of a revolutionary wood treatment range: ONE PROTECT® and HUILE IDEALE.

COMUS® provides substantial expertise and has extensive knowledge of the painter's profession. We design and develop increasingly technically reliable paints. Many of our products are now available in aqueous phase to guarantee greater respect for human health and the environment.

COMUS® - ONE PROTECT®In 2012 we welcomed the MIGRASTOP® mineral water-repellent treatments under the banner of our brand, a high-performance alternative to synthetic polymer chemistry.

The range complements the COMUS® offer, providing solutions for the sealing and consolidation of mineral materials.

In 2013, we were happy to provide you with and introduce you to a genuine revolution in wood treatment with the launch of the brand new single-coat range, ONE PROTECT® and its revolutionary technology.

The COMUS® Team

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